IHS Gridiron Football Boosters Board & Committees

2018 Executive Board

2018 Executive Board:
President Paige Anderson president@inglemoorfootballboosters.com
Vice President Dawnya Costilaa vp@inglemoorfootballboosters.com
Treasurer Carrie Keating treasurer@inglemoorfootballboosters.com
Secretary Molly Hill (Interim) secretary@inglemoorfootballboosters.com
Ex-officio Board Member
Head Coach Steve Hannan shannan@nsd.org

Committee Chairs:

The 2018 Standing Committees are open to any parent interested in joining our team. Please email our Boosters Secretary or the general Boosters email info@inglemoorfootballboosters.com with your inquiry.

We look forward to having you!

The Gridiron Boosters Executive Board meets on a monthly basis throughout the year.

Meetings are open to all members; please see our Calendar for dates, times and locations.

All minutes and financial records are available upon request from the Secretary or Treasurer, respectively.